Saturday, 22 September 2012

Spring is in the air.....

Yep it's here alright, and none to soon I say. There is just something about the light spring brings after the grey winter period that just makes my heart sing. I have to say the blossom trees are bulging with flowers. Just so beautiful.

Now some of you may or may not know but i accepted and new position within my company a few months back. It's a job with a much greater responsibility to the company, and has taken me some time to transition and bear the weight of the work. I've just this week worked out all the kinks and I'm moving along like a well oiled waggon now, and have been busting to get back in my studio to play. I've had several small play dates this week, but today I am home and have been in there since the wee small hours. The sun is streaming in my window and I'm playing along to my hearts content. Olive and Scarlett are playing chasey and running in and out of the cat door ( my window looks over their cat run) and occasionally stop to check out what I'm doing.

I decided that I needed to make a start on Christmas cards, because it would be here before we knew it, so I have the melt pot out and am making some wax Christmas cameos to use on my cards. I'm going with an all white theme and it's actually pretty challenging sticking to it. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not afraid of colour.

I've just recently celebrated my birthday and I'm feeling like i need to share the love. What about we have another give away? I know we had some give aways when I started my Facebook page, but I think it's time we did it again. I'll formulate a plan tonight and let you all know how it will work tomorrow. What do you reckon? Well I'm excited! hahahahah

Tina Dalton has been busy playing away lately creating so many gorgeous Layouts, and I know she has fallen in love with the Cherubs I have just released. She did a layout recently where she antiqued one to make it look like old stone. It's just divine isn't it! Pop over to her blog to see the full layout and what else she has been up too. 

The Cherubs really are gorgeous, and they come in three different poses. Check them out here if you'd like to. 

Earlier this week I signed up and started an e-course with the amazing Kelly Rae Roberts. Oh my word, can that lady inspire you to get it done! I've been learning so many things about how to handle and build my creative business. I have been struggling of late with getting everything done. Struggling with the little voice inside your head that tells you should be doing this, or you should be doing that. You should be cleaning, or working harder, or spending more time with family. What every it is that stops you from doing exactly what you want to be doing. Well we do need reminding from time to time that it's ok. It's ok to spend your weekend creating, not cleaning. It's ok to think about paint and paper and making stuff all the time instead of reading the newspaper. She reminded me of this this week. and Im taking the time to stop, re-evaluate and reset. Starting today! It's play day. Now that I've told you all about it i have to get back to finishing my cards.

Have Fun!

Mel xxxx

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