Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hi everyone!

So I have decided it's about time for me to have another giveaway.

First up I'd better show you what's up for offer.

That's it, you guessed it. Does it look Tempting? Well wait there is more.

You not only get the four Moulds pictured here, But also the other two styles of Cherubs, the other size of bottles, that's eight moulds!, but in addition to this you will receive one 475g box of rapid set white resin to start creating!

How does that sound? Sounds awesome to me....

So how can I win you say? Well it's pretty simple actually.

All you have to do is spread the word. Send your friends over to the blog and get them to leave a comment with your name in it (something like Tina Dalton sent me for example).

The person's name that is left the most times wins.

Thats pretty easy right?

Ok just a few ground rules 

1. The comment must be left in this posts comment section.(send your friends the link)

2. Only one comment per person will be counted ( so no need to post hundreds of times each)

3. I will announce the winner on the 5th of October.

Now go to it. Spread the word and win yourself some goodies to play with.




  1. Robin Garrett sent me here !! Love the moulds Mel :)

  2. Amie Willis-Bertone sent me over and lm loving the look of your page Mel what lovely moulds :) will follow you also thank you! Helen (Mckeown) Williams

  3. Amie Willis Bertone sent me here and I am excited to find these beautiful them all!!

  4. Amie Willis Bertone sent me here. Oh no another technique to play with! Does the old fashioned air dry paper stuff work in these moulds?

  5. Amie Willis Bertone sent me. Please let her win she said she'd make me some! :0)

  6. Followed the Link here from Davinia's Deez News blog. I would love to be the owner of these pretty pink moulds. I am doing my part to spread the word.
    JuLee aka the Polymer Penguin

  7. Love your moulds Mel. I think Amie is trying to win this prize hehehe xxx

  8. How exciting Jo Caird sent me here...what a great prize!!!

  9. I spotted a link posted by the lushious Jenny Burns I love your molds and I d love nothing more than to win a batch and play with some resin which I havent ever done yet PLOISEEEE give me a good excuse to craft something wonderful I can show off to all my friends with mouldsbymel!!!

  10. I'm here via Mel Field's share because I just LOVE your mould and would love to create with some resin.

  11. oohhh love love your moulds Mel I am just here cos I want to try some moulds lol xxx

  12. Marcia Smith my darling SIL sent me xx

  13. Found this from Davinia of Deez's News.
    Your molds are really fab! :)

  14. Bernice Powell sent me :) I love your moulds Mel!!