Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I have been busy behind the scenes playing with the moulds. Yay for me! I am completely in love with several of them, like desperately, and use them over and over again.I recently had the pleasure of a scrappy weekend away with my two besties to a small wheat belt town named Hyden. We gave each other a challenge to complete on the weekend sometime. My 'Angelica" layout was my out come. My challenge was do do grungy, make my own flowers and not to have a bow. (you'll come to know how much I love a big bow! hahaha) I am completely excited with my layout, i just love it, and i used Moulds my Mel's teddy bear mould. He is just so adorable.

This next layout that I have done was using a vintage button mould that we I have available. It's great for flower centres and I must have used it at least three or four time over the last few weeks. It's big and makes a statement. 

I really enjoyed doing this layout also, having to sit and think what your actually bucket list is. Mine seemed to be all big stuff. Not sure if that makes me to ambitious or Im happy and content with what I have now? I used the Stirling Rose mould to make the hot pink roses I have used here.

The seahorse, what can I say. He's delicate and fragile, but I just love him for some reason. I was so glad I could use him as I have wanted to for the longest time, luckily I recently had breakfast in this most incredible spot down south. It was such a divine morning. Nothing better than Chai and pancakes on the beach, and I mean literally on the beach.

I want to just take this moment to thank a few people (again you all say! hahaha), Im just so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing and awesome people that I consider to be my friends, what would we do without them? Firstly to Jenny and Tina. xxxx You know why, and what for. Seriously amazing friends! Moulds by Mel is and would be nothing without you two. xx Secondly I would like to thank Tomorrow's Memories and all the team there, especially Vicki, Jo and Clori for believe in me and this little product and supporting me as I venture out into this big bad world. Thank you. xxx Tomorrow's Memories are stocking Moulds by Mel, so you have a chance to see them in person and up close. Pop into the store sometime, you won't be disappointed, it's a gorgeous shop. xx

For those of you who aren't lucky enough to be able to visit, you can view and purchase Mould by Mel in my Etsy store. xx

Thanks for stopping by. Pop back soon, I will have details of a blog hop that is happening this weekend, Lots of prizes to be won, and tonnes of creative inspiration to be had. xxx




  1. Love the photo of the shop display Mel...we are lucky to have your gorgeous samples instore! Can't wait to see more of your new releases

  2. TFS Nice Moulds will love to see more

  3. Oh my i absolutely love your layouts especially the bear and seahorse!